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There are many banks in Carbondale where you can open an account. The yellow pages in the phone book provide the name, address, and telephone number of all the banks in the community.There are two types of accounts you could open:

Checking account

A checking account allows you to deposit money and write "checks" to pay for goods or services you purchase. If you overdraw from your account, you will be fined by the bank and by the business for which you wrote the "bad check."

Savings account

A savings account earns more interest than checking accounts and is used to keep money for a longer period of time. Some savings accounts allow you to withdraw money a limited number of times per month. Be sure you know the requirements for withdrawal and the minimum balance needed for each account.

Another important and popular service offered by many banks is the automated teller machine (ATM) or "cash station". An ATM allows you to deposit or withdraw money from your accounts at your convenience. To use an ATM, you must have a bank card issued by the bank.