Bringing Money

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When you arrive in Carbondale you will need U.S. dollars to obtain housing, purchase textbooks, and pay tuition/fees. Once you have opened a bank account in Carbondale, you can have funds electronically transferred from your home bank within a few days. During the first few weeks of school, your expenses can total up to several hundred dollars or more.  We strongly recommend that you do not travel with large sums of cash.  Safe and convenient ways to bring currency to U.S.A include:

Credit Card

Popular credit cards like AMEX, VISA, and MASTER CARD are accepted almost everywhere in the U.S.  You may consider this as another option to carry money and pay for your needs.

Traveler's checks

Traveler's checks offer the most flexibility because the payee can be named at the time of use and money can be immediately cashed from any bank.  These checks can be purchased in different denominations from a bank or traveler's aid company. Traveler's checks are only payable upon the purchaser's endorsement against the original signature on the draft. 

Cashier’s Check or Demand Draft

Cashier's checks and bank drafts require that the payee's name be included at the time of issue. Ask that drafts include your name for identification purposes and ease of cashing.