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Students beginning their studies at SIU in the Intensive English Program should contact the Center for English as a Second Language.

All other BSMP students must still follow all of the other instructions on the Admitted Students webpage for orientation and transportation. This page is extra for BSMP students only. Please see the links to the left for more information. This page is supplemental to your BSMP student handbook. Please refer to it. 

  Please see our Transportation section for information about your travel itinerary.

Health insurance: Does it meet J1 requirements? How is it paid?

SIU automatically enrolls students in the Student Health Insurance Plan. It does meet J1 requirements. The fees are a part of your standard tuition & fees charged to your bursar bill and paid directly by IIE. No action is needed on your part. Please contact the Student Health Insurance Office with questions.

Registering for courses & academic advisement:

You should contact your academic advisor as soon as possible, all advisers can be found at this link except the College of Science adviser who is Ms. Tammi Pinski 618-536-5537. The Center for International Education does not advise students about which courses to take because you need to sign up for the courses that will be the most benefit to you and your program. 

Housing/Meal Issues:

Please contact the housing office. Lynn Celia deals with housing for BSMP students

IIE will only pay for a double occupancy room on-campus. You may change rooms but it should be to another double occupancy room. Otherwise you will be responsible for paying the difference for a single occupancy room. Please note that the reason you have been placed in the room you're in is that we tried to minimize the amount of times you will have to move since the dorms aren't open during breaks. We tried to put you into break housing so that you won't have to move during breaks.

Question: When can I move into my room?

Answer: Please contact the housing office with any housing related questions. (618) 453-2301

Question: What if I want to arrive in Carbondale before my dorm allows me to move in?

Answer: You will need to arrange temporary housing, please note that you will pay for the hotel out of your "settling in money" that you receive from IIE.

Question: Are meals served during breaks when the University is closed? 

Answer: No. You will be responsible for using your break stipend money to cover your meals during break. You should contact IIE if you have any issues with the stipend, this is not covered by SIU. 

Question: Will you send my bursar bill straight to IIE?

Answer: Yes, but for IIE to properly pay your bill you will have several responsibilities.

  • Send a copy of your Terms of Appointment (TOA) to Kathy Abney in the Financial Aid office: You should give your SIU ID number and explain that you are a BSMP student and that these are the Terms for your scholarship.
  • Check your bursar bill regularly. SIU still views your bill as your responsibility. If you want the bill to be paid on your behalf, you need to ensure that the charges are correct, and being paid.
  • Send your student schedule to IIE when they request it. SIU's policy has always been that the student should release their records to the scholarship organization.
  • You will be responsible to pay for some items like "lost ID cards" or "Copays at the pharmacy" and others. Please read your TOA and student handbook so that you understand which charges IIE will pay and which ones you should pay.
Question: Why can't I claim my network ID (also called a Dawg Tag)?

Answer: Try entering your name exactly as it appears on your passport. Please contact the Information Technology helpdesk with any other questions. (618) 453-6280

BSMP Employment Policy and Procedures for Undergraduate Programs. Click on the link, look under the heading "Immigration" at the bottom of the page.

Cheryl Barnett in the Center for International Education is your Host Institution Adviser. If you need a signature for something check which adviser it says. If it says academic adviser this is not Cheryl but the person linked above. If it says Host Institution then it is Cheryl.

Thank you and welcome to SIU!