Current BSMP Students

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This page contains information which is only for undergraduate students on scholarship with the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP). Graduate BSMP students should contact the graduate school.

Your important contacts are:

  • Host institution adviser - Cheryl Barnett
  • Academic adviser - different person for each department, check their website or see here
  • IIE student relations adviser - Dani Rossi
  • Housing/meals contract questions - Lynn Celia -
  • Problems with your room, roommate, living situation - start with your Resident Adviser (RA) or apartment manager

Be familiar with your BSMP student handbook.

Questions about Academic Training (also called AT or internship)

Information about immunization compliance

Answers concerning your health insurance at SIU

  • note that IIE only pays for your insurance fee
  • you will still be charged medical fees at the health center if you use it

Getting a job on-campus

Payments and Stipends from IIE