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Interested in studying overseas? Wondering if your financial aid will apply? The short answer is that, yes, most forms of financial aid will apply to approved SIU study abroad programs. Because circumstances differ, it is your responsibility to work with the Financial Aid Office (FAO) and Study Abroad Programs to determine how you can use financial aid for overseas study. Because extra time may be required for processing financial aid for study abroad, you should begin investigating the possibilities as soon as you have applied for an overseas program.

What is Financial Aid

Financial aid is awarded as grants, scholarships and loans from various federal, state and institutional sources. Financial aid is available to students with financial need and those without need. A financial aid application should be submitted to determine eligibility for the various financial aid programs. Students participating in a study abroad program may also qualify for private scholarships. Applications for private scholarships may be obtained from the individual/organization sponsoring the scholarship.

How to Apply

To apply for financial aid at SIU, students should complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  at the following website: An application should be completed each year as soon as possible after January 1 (proceeding the academic year) listing "Southern Illinois University Carbondale" as a school choice. Undergraduate Illinois residents should list SIUC as the first school choice and release information to the state agency to be considered for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission Monetary Award.

Because financial aid is processed by the Financial Aid Office at Carbondale, you should make every effort to complete the process before leaving the country for your study abroad program. Apply as early as possible and follow-up promptly with any information that is requested by the Financial Aid Office. Corresponding from another country tends to slow down the process substantially. 

Application Results

The student receives a Student Aid Report (SAR) when the application is processed. If the SAR has errors, corrections should be made on FAFSA on the web to be submitted for reprocessing. The results will be electronically submitted to the school. 


Need-based financial aid is determined from application information using a standard need analysis formula. An expected family contribution is calculated based on income, assets, family size, family members attending post-secondary education and other factors. A student's financial need is the difference between the cost of attending SIU and the expected family contribution. Because the cost of attendance varies for study abroad programs, need must be determined on an individual basis. Students must submit an itemized budget to the Financial Aid Office for determination of financial need. Budgets for the various overseas programs are available from Study Abroad Programs, International Programs and Services. You may also use the FAO Study Abroad Estimate form. 

Once financial need is determined, financial aid is "packaged" as a combination of grants, scholarships and loans to meet the student's financial need. Study abroad students may receive Federal Pell Grant, Illinois Student Assistance Commission Monetary Award (in some circumstances), some veteran’s benefits and student loans if they demonstrate financial need and meet other criteria. 


Some financial aid applicants are selected to verify information provided on the financial aid application. If selected, a Verification Worksheet will be sent to the student and must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office along with non-returnable, signed copies of the applicable federal tax returns for the student and, if appropriate, the parents. Other documentation may, also, be required. Some applicants may be required to provide proof of immigration status, selective service registration, and satisfactory repayment status for student loans, social security number or other information. Financial aid will not be awarded until all requested information is provided.

Award Notification

Financial aid awards are announced via electronic award notice on Salukinet to students beginning in May (preceding the academic year) after all required information is submitted. Study abroad students should review the educational expenses listed on the award notice to confirm that they reflect the study abroad program expenses. The student must accept the Terms and Conditions and all applicable awards. 

Billing and Financial Aid Disbursement

When a student enrolls at SIU in a study abroad program, an account is created in the University Billing/Receivables System. A monthly Statement of Account is issued listing University charges including study abroad program charges and tuition and fees; credits applied from financial aid grants and scholarships; cash payments and any balance due. If total credits exceed charges, a refund check is issued by the Bursar's Office to the students.  The student can set up Direct Deposit, have the refund put on a Saluki Cash Card or have it mailed to the local address.  If you expect a refund check and want it to be mailed to an address other than your local address, you should make special arrangements with the Bursar's Office. Please make sure that all of your university correspondence is sent to an address where there is someone who can monitor your mail. 

Financial aid is disbursed ten days prior to the start of semester.  Study abroad students must make special arrangements with the Financial Aid Office to receive a short term loan if travel begins prior to start of the semester.  Power-of-Attorney forms for overseas studies students only are available from Study Abroad Programs.

For help with financial aid questions:

For help with study abroad questions:

Financial Aid Office

Student Services Building
Mail Code 4702
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Study Abroad Programs

Center for International Education
Woody Hall, Mail Code 4333
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Intended for general information purposes only. Contact Study Abroad Programs or FAO for specific information

related to your specific overseas program and individual financial aid situation.