Class Registration

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Full-time enrollment is mandatory for students in order to comply with immigration regulations.

You should contact your academic advisor as soon as possible about your academic course-load. The Center for International Education does not advise students about which courses to take but merely the immigration requirements for enrollment. 

A. Undergraduate Registration

  1. If you are admitted with the condition that you must be certified by the Center of English as a Second Language (CESL) and have been notified to take the English test, proceed to the CESL office in Faner Hall, Room 3242 for further instructions.
  2. Email or make an appointment with your academic advisor. The advisor will help you select appropriate classes. We encourage you to see your academic advisor if you are having difficulties or concerns with your classes or schedule.
  3. If you have been fully admitted, proceed to the Bursar's Office (New Student Services Building 1263 Lincoln Drive, Second Floor) to make the initial payment of your tuition and fees. If you have a scholarship or sponsor who will pay your tuition and fees directly to the university, take the letter from your scholarship agency to the New Student Services Building (second floor) so that clearance can be made for registration.
  4. Proceed to the Student ID Office on the second floor of the Student Center to obtain your Student ID Card. Keep this card with you, as it will be needed to buy books, enter the Student Recreation Center, and as a general ID.
  5. Remember - you must maintain a full course load (12 hours) to stay in status with INS.

B. Graduate Registration

  1. Fully admitted graduate students should make an appointment to see their academic advisor in the department. The advisor will assist in the selection of classes and sign a course request form for you to officially register in the New Student Services Building.
  2. To register, go to the New Student Services Building at the Graduate Registration desk to submit your course request form.
  3. Proceed to the Bursar Office to make an initial payment of tuition and fees. Graduate students with assistantships are still required to make an initial payment for fees. Sponsored students should go to the New Student Services Building, second floor with their scholarship letter.
  4. Go to the Student ID office on the second floor of the Student Center to obtain your ID card.
  5. Remember - you must maintain a full course load (9 hours) to stay in status with INS

C. Early Registration

Students may register early for the next semester without having to make an initial payment to the Bursar. If you register early, please note when your first payment for tuition and fees is due. If you miss the payment deadline, you will have all your classes canceled!

D. Claim Your SIU Network ID

Before you can register, you must claim your SIU Network ID (also called a Dawg Tag) - this number was provided to you on your admission letter (SIU85xxxxxxx). For more instructions and help recovering your Dawg Tag visit this helpful resource.