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St. Louis/Lambert International Airport (STL) is the closest major airport to Carbondale (2.5 hours by automobile) and the BEST choice to set as your final flight destination.

We cannot pick students up from St. Louis. Therefore, you must follow the instructions below to make your own travel arrangements to the Carbondale area.

You can get from St. Louis to Carbondale by:

  • Cape Air Williamson County Airport (Taxi service within Carbondale area: Quality Cab Service (618) 713-0013, Jet Taxi (618) 964-4412), Uber, Lyft
  • Rides Mass Transit District (RMTD) - Contact Phone Number (618) 993-1900

Due to COVID-19, our pick-up service is unavailable.

Traveling from Chicago

(Not recommended for first time travelers. If your final stop is Chicago, you should add St. Louis as a final stop to your journey and then take the RMTD shuttle to Carbondale. SIU students travel for free with their dawg tag ID number).

If your final destination is Chicago you can travel to Carbondale by using the Amtrak train service located at the Chicago Union Station or by flying to St. Louis.

Below are detailed instructions from the CHICAGO O'HARE AIRPORT to the Union Station.

  1. Go to the CTA station in O’Hare.
  2. Ride for about 1 hour until you reach CLINTON. (Previous 3 stops, in order, are: Monroe-Blue, Jackson-Clue, LaSalle.)
  3. When exiting Clinton-Blue, look for Amtrak signs posted near the exits. The two exits both lead north.
  5. Cross VAN BUREN ST.
  6. Cross JACKSON BLVD.
  7. Immediately after crossing Jackson St., you’ll see a set of heavy wooden door to your right.
  8. Enter through the door, go down the ramp, and turn left into the large main seating area.
  9. At the middle of the main seating area on the right side is a ramp going down to the ticketing area.
  10. If you have your confirmation email, find a QuickTicket machine and scan your confirmation sheet’s barcode to print your ticket.
  11. If you don’t have your confirmation email, get in a line at the ticketing booth.
  12. After getting your tickets, go through the entrance that dead-ends with a wall hiding bathrooms. Look at your ticket for the gate number and find your gate.
  13. Ask any Amtrak official for help locating your train!

O'hare to Amtrak

NOTE: You must arrive at least 20 minutes before your train is scheduled to leave. The train stops boarding 15 minutes prior to departure.