Social Security Procedure

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  • All International Students and Scholars must maintain their status with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • All International Students and Scholars seeking student employment must secure a Student Work Referral and a Visa Verification from the Center for International Education.
  • Upon obtaining employment, a completed work referral, visa verification and I-9 must be returned to International Tax, in room 108-109 Miles Hall (not CIE).
  • All Graduate Assistants must obtain a Visa Verification from IPS, sign their contract in the granting department, then, must meet with International Tax in room 108-109 Miles Hall.
  • First time employment, each Student or Scholar must take their passport, I-94 and I-20 to the International Tax office for initial processing.
  • All International Students and Scholars must wait thirty (30) days from their initial date of entry to the United States, which is the date stamped on the I-94 card, and you must have received a paycheck, before the application can be submitted to the Social Security Administration for a social security number.
  • All International Students and Scholars must take the payroll earnings statement, a letter from CIE of work eligibility, passport, I-20 and I-94 with them to Social Security Administration in order to make application for a number.
  • The student must complete and submit an application for a social security number at the Social Security Administration office, located in the Federal Building.
  • It takes approximately 10 days to process an application and a card will be mailed to your home address. Department addresses in care of SIU and Post office box numbers will not be acceptable addresses for use by the Social Security Administration.
  • Further details and questions you may have can be addressed when you talk to the International Tax Specialist located in 108-109 Miles Hall.
  • Local Social Security Administration office can be found at