Agreement to host J-1 Scholar

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The U.S. Department of State (DoS) has mandatory requirements that must be met for foreign nationals to participate in the Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 Visa). Therefore, the SIU faculty sponsor hosting the Exchange Visitor (EV) and any dependents (J-2 Visa) must agree to the following responsibilities in order for the Center for International Education (CIE) to issue the DS-2019 immigration document (s) for an EV and any dependents:

  1. Monitor the Exchange Visitor’s (EV) conduct to ensure s/he engages in activities appropriate for the EV category and makes reasonable progress toward the program objectives.
  2. Ensure EV and all dependents maintain the adequate DoS mandated health insurance coverage for the entire program duration (see Mandatory Insurance Information for details).
  3. Understand significance of program start and end dates and report all changes to CIE.
  4. Notify CIE of EV’s departure date from the US, particularly if it is earlier than the original end date.
  5. Inform CIE of any changes to the EV’s program including:
    1. Changes in local address, email, or phone number
    2. Changes in types or amounts of funding
    3. Changes in program activities including date changes or changes in objectives.
  6. Keep track of travel abroad and re-entry of both EV and dependents.
  7. Provide assistance in securing housing (email for suggestions).
  8. Prepare ‘Notice of Appointment’ paperwork to have SIU ID (Dawg Tag/Network ID) issued, including search waiver request.
  9. Ensure the EV and dependents comply with all DoS regulations and SIU policies.
  10. Provide EVs with cross-cultural experiences exposing them to American society and culture.
  11. Encourage and arrange opportunities for EV to learn about life in the US and its people.
  12. Provide a written summary of cultural activities to CIE at the end of EV’s stay.

STEP 2 > Ensuring the minimum requirements are met