Jewel of India

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Jewel of India Educational Society
Attention:  Ms.  Sushma PRABHAKAR
Plot No 6, NIT,  Faridabad
Haryana INDIA   121006

President: Ramneesh Prabhakar

  • Ramneesh Prabhakar is in direct contact with the Center for International Education at Southern Illinois University and is authorized to help communicate between entities in India and Southern Illinois University if both parties agree.
  • Ramneesh Prabhakar acts as an agent in India and by advising and recruiting prospective students. 
  • SIU will retain the right to admit or deny any students recruited by Ramneesh Prabhakar.  
  • Southern Illinois University will not be held liable for the actions of the undersigned in this mutually agreeable cooperation.
  • Affiliation with Ramneesh Prabhakar is hereby granted in order to forge relationships in India and is limited. The responsibility of decision making for the University still resides with Southern Illinois University.