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Cost per level of study

Level of Study Tuition/Fees Living Expenses (Including Food, Books, Transportation, Misc Personal) Total Financial Statement
Undergraduate Students
High Achiever Rate       $12,874                       $16,165           $29,039
International (Non-Resident) Rate       $24,439                       $16,165           $40,604
International (College of Business and Analytics- High Achiever Tuition Rate)       $14,032                       $16,165            $30,197
International Non Resident (College of Business and Analytics)       $25,597                       $16,165            $41,762
Graduate School
Illinois (Resident) Rate       $15,000                       $14,000           $29,000
International (Non-Resident) Rate       $30,000                       $14,000           $44,000
Center for English as a Second Language
Per 8 week term        $2,550                       $2,500            $5,050



  • "Total" column refers to the minimum financial statement required for admission. (Must be within the last 6 months)
  • This worksheet is valid for students entering SIU Carbondale in the semesters: Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. These amounts are subject to change, and are only estimates.
  • Estimated expenses are for 1 academic year which is 2 semesters - Fall and Spring.
  • Undergraduate tuition reflects enrollment in a minimum of 12 credit hours.
  • Undergraduate students who enter SIU Fall 2004 or later are guaranteed the same tuition rate for four continuous academic years by the Illinois Truth in Tuition bill (Public Act 93-0228).
  • The tuition amounts in the Undergraduate budget are based on enrollment of 15 hours per semester, however, 12 hours is considered the minimum for full-time student status.
  • The tuition amounts in the Graduate budget are based on enrollment of 12 hours per semester, however, 9 hours is considered the minimum for full-time student status.
  • The Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) provides English Language training for students who have not submitted an appropriate TOEFL score. Students granted a conditional admission must show a financial statement sufficient for 1 year of academic study PLUS 1 session of CESL.
  • Beginning Fall Semester 2011, new incoming undergraduate students (freshman and transfer) who have a parent or legal guardian who are graduates of SIU will pay the Legacy Tuition rate, an alternate tuition rate of 0.80 times the out-of–state tuition rate for undergraduate students guaranteed for four years.
  • Beginning Fall Semester 2013, high-achieving new undergraduate international students will pay an alternative tuition rate equal to the resident tuition rate and will be assigned the resident budget.
  • Two different alternative tuition rates cannot be combined or utilized.
  • Students who have declared a College of Business major and who enter either the Graduate or Undergraduate School during Fall 2008 or later should add an amount equal to 15% of the Illinois resident tuition to their total budget.
  • Room and Board is a weighted average of Housing costs on campus at SIU. The actual total costs will be based on the room and dining plan selected.; Rates are available at SIU does not guarantee cost of off campus housing therefore the estimated cost a student can expect to pay for housing and meals is the amount stated for room & board. Living off campus will vary.
  • Students should come to SIU with sufficient funds to buy books, supplies and any other items necessary to begin the semester, even if the student is expecting financial aid or plans to work on campus. The books and supplies allowance is based on full-time enrollment, but books and supply expenses will vary based on the courses that the student is taking.
  • Living expenses vary greatly based on the individual student’s lifestyle. The estimated allowance includes transportation, clothing, and living expenses not covered by on-campus housing, recreation, and other miscellaneous costs.
  • Students who enroll at SIU through distance learning are not allowed to enter the U.S. and will not be given an I-20 or a visa. Distance Learning refers to classes taken strictly on-line in the student’s nation of residence.
  • Students who wish to bring their spouse and/or child as an F-2 or J-2 dependent must also give proof of sufficient financial resources for each. A student must show an additional $5,000 for a spouse and/or $2,500 per child before a dependent immigration document will be issued.