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High Achievers Alternate Tuition Rate

Effective Fall 2013, SIU will be offering an alternate tuition rate to high achieving undergraduate international students. The High Achievers Alternate Tuition Rate is based on merit and awarded to:

  • Incoming freshmen earning a composite 26 or higher on the ACT or an SAT composite score of ONLY the Critical Reading and the Mathematics composite equaling 1240 or higher is acceptable. 
  • Transfer students with at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale from the previous college level institution attended. Transfer students are defined as a student having 12 or more credit hours from another college. [Note: The High Achiever ATR still requires transfer students to have 26 or more hours completed in order to qualify for the High Achiever ATR as a transfer student. If a student has 25 or less hours, then they would have to qualify for the High Achiever ATR with their high school GPA being a 3.5/4.0.]
  • This award allows undergraduate out-of state residents and international students to receive in-state tuition. Students should make sure they are eligible by looking at all of the requirements here.

Legacy Tuition Rate

Beginning Fall 2011, newly entering freshman or transfer Undergraduate students who have parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who are graduates of Southern Illinois University Carbondale will pay an alternate tuition rate of 0.80 times the applicable in-state or out-of-state rate for Undergraduate students guaranteed for four years. For more information please visit here.

Partner Universities Tuition Rate

Qualified students may also be able to receive our alternative tuition rate through some of our partner universities. We have agreements with other colleges all around the world to give scholarships equaling the resident-rate of tuition to their students. You may find more information about these scholarships by going through our partner Universitys' websites. For information, please contact the schools. They are located in:

Student Employment Opportunities

Most international students will be eligible to hold on-campus student jobs for a maximum of 20 hours per week, at approximately $13.00 per hour. (International students are prohibited by USCIS from working off-campus without special permission.)

On-campus undergraduate student employment is available for students to apply after enrolling at SIU Carbondale. It should be noted, this employment cannot be factored in order to meet the minimum financial requirements at the time of admission.

After you have completed one year of study you may request permission to pursue part-time off-campus practical training opportunities within your field of study. For this you will need authorization from the U.S. Immigration Services as well as from SIU's Center for International Education.

Financial Assistance from Departments and Colleges

Undergraduate Assistantships are similar to Graduate Assistantships but are limited in number. However, Undergraduate Assistantships do not give a tuition waiver. A monthly stipend is given in return for approximately 10-20 hours of work. A list of these positions can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office web site.