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Maintaining Your Immigration/Visa Status

Duration of Status

An F-1 or J-1 student or scholar will be admitted to the USA for "Duration of Status", noted as D/S on your I-94 form, Passport, and Form I-20 or DS2019.

"Duration of Status" is defined as:

  1. The time during which you are pursuing a full course of study and making normal progress toward completing your degree;
  2. The time you may be working in authorized "Optional Practical Training" (F-1) or "Academic Training" (J-1) after completion of your degree;
  3. Plus, 60 days in which to depart the USA for F-1 visa holders, and 30 days to depart the USA for J-1 visa holders.

Deviation From Full Course of Study

Only in the situations below are F-1 or J-1 students considered to be maintaining status even if they are not registered for a full course of study:

  1. Summer Vacation. 
    If you have otherwise maintained lawful status, you are considered to be in status during the summer vacation if you register for the fall term. If the academic program begins during the summer term, you must be enrolled for that summer.
  2. Medical Problems.
    If you are affected by illness or another medical condition which would temporarily interrupt studies or require a reduced class load, you may be considered in status if prior approval in granted by ISS. You must contact ISS immediately and provide medical documentation requesting you to be less than full-time for that semester.
  3. Graduate Students admitted to Candidacy.
    Students who have completed the required course work for the academic program will be considered to be full time when enrolled in Thesis, Dissertation, or 601.
  4. Valid Academic Reasons.
    If you are having language difficulties due to improper course level placement or have adjustment concerns to the University system, you may be granted approval by CIE to take a lesser class load. You are responsible for contacting CIE immediately to follow appropriate INS procedures.
  5. Final Term.
    Students in their final term needing less than the number of credit hours required for full time enrollment will be considered to be full time when they are enrolled in the number of hours required to complete the academic program.