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International students celebrating flag parade

The Center for International Education is responsible for promoting and coordinating international initiatives at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. We celebrate the global community, encouraging awareness, interaction, and integration of world cultures. We are devoted to student success, nurturing academic, professional, social, and personal growth.

The Center for International Education strives to:

  • Recruit, admit, enroll, and retain students from every nation.
  • Educate international students regarding immigration policies and University procedures and facilitate their campus acculturation.
  • Inform students of the myriad of study abroad opportunities worldwide.
  • Encourage faculty, staff, and student exchange through the development of global academic partnerships.
  • Coordinate campus initiatives that support the academic mission of the University by providing leadership that enhances our international dimension.
  • In doing so, the Center for International Education transforms lives and brings the world to Southern Illinois.


Center for International Education’s (CIE) study abroad programs promote in the development of global research, outreach and travel study opportunities that support cultural competency and our goal of nurturing students’ academic, professional, social, and personal growth.  The University is proud to offer our students a wide range of unique and life-changing study abroad opportunities.  CIE’s Study Abroad Programs division offers short term faculty-led programs, semester and academic year exchange programs, and internships in more than fifty countries and over 200 partner universities and institutions.  Approximately 85 percent of study abroad participants choose courses that are led by SIU faculty members.  Study Abroad Programs works closely with faculty and academic units to develop opportunities for study abroad in every college with an emphasis on affordability and maintaining students’ time-to-degree.