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SIU partners with agencies which recruit students in foreign countries. These agencies are authorized to help SIU connect with qualified students and will be paid a per capita commission. Students and parents should understand that these authorized agents:

  • do not hold any decision making ability at SIU and cannot guarantee admission
  • do not give student's applications preferential treatment
  • are not required for consultation in order for students to be admitted to SIU
  • are not exclusively working with SIU
  • cannot collect any fees on behalf of the university
  • will not be paid by SIU if the student has already paid a fee to the agent

The following agencies are compensated by SIU on a referral fee basis:

  • Olive Branch (Marc Chang)
  • Zhengzhou Newlevel (Jewel Qu)

SIU is committed to the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP), which states that "members will ‘not employ agents who are compensated on a per capita basis when recruiting students outside the United States, unless ensuring they and their agents conduct themselves with accountability, transparency, and integrity."

These agencies are paid based on the number of students they refer to SIU and who enroll at the institution. Students may expect that the agent will:

  • understand SIU's admission process
  • assist students in understanding the process and how to apply
  • assist the student in coordinating arrival in the US and understanding student services at SIU
  • understand the US education system and help the student to navigate it
  • help the student and parent understand and become comfortable with the university
  • provide a waiver for FERPA if the student wishes the agent to communicate with SIU about private/confidential information